“For it is in giving that we receive.” -St. Francis of Assisi

Areas of Need

What cannot be foreseen, when the standard rate of reimbursement is established by payor sources for care delivery, are those patients, clients or residents that have extreme circumstances... those that don’t fit neatly into the protocol for standard delivery of care. Your support will directly improve the lives of others in your own community, providing health, hope and healing for those who need a little something extra to meet their needs. For more information, please contact the Fund Development office at 413-748-9920. Thank you.


Brightside provides in-home counseling and family support services to children, their siblings and their families, providing hope and real change for a different future.  In the last year alone over 400 children were served. This fund provides much needed resources for the children served that often make a substantial difference. Sometimes something as simple as a needed team uniform provides a new outlet for a child, or a school uniform raises the child’s self-esteem. Perhaps a tank of oil will keep the family together while other problems are resolved or a bus pass will provide needed transportation to a necessary appointment. That changes the life of the child. 

During the holiday season, there is a special gift Wish List written by each individual child who hopes that a kind donor will fulfill their dreams for the holidays. Individuals can shop with a list or we would be happy to do the shopping for you.  There are several volunteer opportunities in the Holiday Wish List program also.  For more information, please visit Brightside Wish List.


Serving some of the most vulnerable elders in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Farren becomes the home for approximately 130 residents who have a mental health diagnosis accompanied by a medical illness. The Resident Activity Fund provides specific programs such as resident bus trips, activities, craft materials and supplies, special entertainment, Resident Christmas, holiday and special occasion gifts and special equipment used for many residents. Most residents have no family members to brighten their day and your donation will make a significant difference in the life of one of our residents.  


Help light the way by providing support for individuals and their families who battle a cancer diagnosis. It signifies the light in each and every individual who faces the challenge of cancer with the flicker and shadows they cast with resiliency, hope and energy.
Facilitated by Sister Madeleine Joy, S.P., the Cancer Support Group offers information and education for people living with cancer diagnosis, providing compassion and emotional support during this difficult time. Support continues through the healing process to cancer free and remembers those who succumb. The Gift of Light campaign provides the funds necessary for the Mercy Medical Center Cancer Support Group.


The Sr. Caritas Cancer Center at Mercy Medical Center provides services to over one-third of all cancer patients in the Pioneer Valley area. The Sr. Caritas Cancer Center Patient Services Fund was established for the purpose of providing direct support to Cancer Center patients in dire financial need. This assistance will help patients cover unexpected expenses associated with their care. Direct Care Support does not include physician visits, hospital care or medical expenses. All applicants are reviewed on a case by case basis. This is a "last resort" fund for patients with meager assets and funds; much needed support for patients who may seek funds no more than two times per year. 

This fund provides:

MEDICATION: Emergency funds to cover needed medications.
TRANSPORTATION: Pay for transportation to and from appointments.
CLOTHES OR ACCESSORIES: Purchase special clothes, shoes r other accessories related to cancer care and treatment.
NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: Nutritional supplements to help build the immune system and meet nutritional needs.
SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Situational circumstances affecting patients daily and/or quality of life.
SPECIAL PROGRAMS AND SERVICES: Special programs and services funded through the Sr. Caritas Cancer Center Patient Services Fund may include, but are not limited to subsidizing special programs and purchase of equipment to improve the delivery of care for Cancer Center patients.


Mercy Hospice provides services to patients and their families who are experiencing a terminal illness. Serving Hampden and parts of Hampshire County, services include nursing, personal care through home health aides, social services, spiritual counseling, volunteer companionship and respite, physical, occupational and speech language therapy, dietary counseling, medications, durable medical equipment, medical supplies and bereavement support for the family up to 13 months after the death of the patient.

Donations are utilized to benefit patients in a variety of ways:

MEDICATIONS: Emergency funds to cover medications whose cost exceed reimbursed amounts.   If  patients have certain allergies to commonly prescribed medications or have symptoms that are not controllable by commonly used medications, the cost can be $25,000 or more per month.
TRANSPORTATION: In rare circumstances, a family member may not be able to afford transportation to visit their loved one before he or she dies.  The donations received would provide the family with a one-time subsidy.
CLOTHES OR ACCESSORIES: Purchase special clothes, shoes other accessories for patients who do not have the means to obtain these items on their own.
SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Situational circumstances affecting patient comfort and/or quality of life.  These may include providing services beyond the normal hospice benefit to ensure patient safety and comfort.
SPECIAL PROGRAMS AND SERVICES: Special programs and services funded through the Mercy Hospice Patient Services Fund may include, but are not limited to subsidizing special programs and purchase of equipment to improve the delivery of care for Mercy Hospice patients.  Also included would be special training for staff to enhance their expertise in symptom management.


The Healthcare for the Homeless Program provides outreach medical support in various locations including shelters, programs and wherever needed by the patient throughout three counties of Western Massachusetts. This fund provides much needed tangible support that can mean a lifeline is provided for the patients/clients served by the Healthcare for the Homeless program. Often this support can mean the difference between someone succeeding in taking steps that change their lives. Small steps and hope, one step at a time.